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We Are Our Brothers' Keeper

When I was first diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and found out that I needed brain surgery, everyone gathered together in Ventrilo and prayed for me. An ISI brother even asked if I needed money. "Brain surgery, that sounds expensive. Is there a way we can help?," he asked. I felt so incredibly loved by everyone. To have family here at ISI that loved me tangibly; that I had never met face to face and probably never would this side of heaven. 
That brothers' keeper mentality just kind of became how we rolled. When someone was struggling through something, there was someone, a brother, who they had never met, that spiritually knelt beside them and said, "You're not going to go through this alone." We've fed one another when we were hungry. We've paid one another's electric bills. We've paid for one another's car repairs so they'd have a way to work. We took seriously the call of the body of Christ, even in a group such as ours.
We have a brother, [ISI]Hack_239 is in a situation of need. His wife and the mother of his children, has had diabetes (type 1) since she was 9 years old. As a result, in her particular situation, she has battled several obstacles: she lost her sight and had to have her left eye removed; she's had heart issues, end-stage renal failure; and now her kidneys and pancreas are failing and she found out that she's a candidate for a transplant (kidneys and pancreas). Receiving both organs will eliminate her need for dialysis and at the same time eliminate a lot of health problems. Transplant surgery list is complex, but she's done everything they've asked of her and she's now on the active transplant list. 
When I read Hack's prayer request, I thought of Johnny (my husband; [ISI]Lfighter) and how struggled in faith seeing me go through what I was going through. How fear kept trying to attack him at the thought of losing his wife and having his children lose their mother, and how he fought back the fear, trusting God through each and every step. And I remembered how God comforted him and gave him peace through it. I remembered how we found out his disability wouldn't come in for 6-8 weeks and how we weren't prepared for it, and how so many of you blessed us through it and we were humbled and cried together at the demonstration of God's tangible love for us, through you!
Therefore, I ask that you all help the Hackney's through their journey. She's going to need a lot of expensive treatments and medications to stop her body from rejecting the new organs. Once again, we have an opportunity to be our brother's keeper; to kneel beside Hack, hold his hand and say, "You're not going through this alone brother." 
Ways you can help the Hackney's:
1. Pray for Tom, Margaret, and their children. Pray all kinds of prayers for them - Health/Healing Prayers, Prayers for Peace/Joy, etc.
2. Margaret has a Facebook Community page set up to keep people informed about her transplant. Like her page and ask the Lord to give you encouraging words to bless her through this.
3. Margaret has a site where you can make a donation to help them in this. Give what you can give, as often as you can. Do what you can to soften the financial impact on them, so they have less to worry about.
God bless you all and thanks for being you!

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  • Acts: If God be for us...who can stand against us??
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